My Services

Account Setup

Setting up a new busines Pinterest account from scratch, including a desired number of boards, pins and keywords.
Price example: 400 USD
(Includies: business account settings, 10 boards (with titles and descriptions), mini keyword bank with 10 new keywords).


Account Refresh

Refreshing an existing Pinterest account: archiving irrelevant boards and pins, sorting pins in boards.


Price example: 400 USD
(for accounts with up to 10 boards OR a total of 100 pins, includes mini keyword bank with 10 keywords and renaming board names and rewording board descriptions for more traffic)


Board or Pin Titles

and Descriptions

Creating a list of new board or pin titles with pertaining board or pin descriptions for an existing Pinterest account.


Price example:300 USD
(a pdf-list with 25 board titles with board descriptions, including mini keyword bank with 10 keywords, board creation on Pinterest not included). 


Pin Design

Graphic design of new pins from your content.


Price example:500 USD
(30 pins designed with text and images provided by the client) 


Keyword Bank

Keyword research


Price example: 200 USD
(includes a pdf-list with 100 keywords) 


Service Packages

Different combinations of services above depending on your specific needs.


Price example:1200 USD or 1000/month)
(a one time or recuring monthly service that includes account setup or account refresh, creating up to 10 boards or 50 pins (with provided content)and a keywordbank with up to 50 words)